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Increasing Forecast Accuracy through Predictive Analytics

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

 And this is exactly what CRM often feels like. An unexploited repository of useful data just waiting to be put to work.

For a long time, we have been talking about the incredible opportunity for CRM systems to deliver a smarter, more intelligent service. CRM systems should be able to learn from the way users engage with them and from the outcome of deals & customer interactions that get recorded in them.

We make decisions on what we see today, because that is all Salesforce can show us. Today’s picture of the deal does not make it easy to see what has happened to it in the past. For example, today’s picture might show a deal on our forecast in sales stage 6, but has it been there multiple times before? Is it really a healthy deal?

If you were armed with this insight, you would probably have a very different view of its health.

We gather this insight based on the high value behaviours exhibited by the top performers – those team members consistently hitting their personal and company targets. We don’t just look at what these are but we look into their cadence, determining time and frequency for best outcomes. 

SuMo makes Salesforce smarter by bringing behavioural intelligence into every interaction & decision. SuMo combines behavioural learning and predictive analytics to help our customers have smarter sales & service interactions and accelerated outcomes.

SuMo and behavioural intelligence can very quickly get you and your team a long way down the road towards a smarter, more intelligent CRM system. Already deployed by over 250 customers, SuMo is a great way to get started.


Watch SuMo predict the outcomes of your deals in this short video. 


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